Virtual Classroom FAQ

Our first ever online course takes you through the basics of makeup artistry from the ground up. You will cover all of the basic fundamentals of makeup artistry and eventually learn how to execute dramatic evening makeup looks, bridal makeup looks, as well as cosmetic retailing. EvelineCharles Virtual Classroom will give you the tools needed to get started in the fashion and beauty industry as a professional makeup artist!


How does it work?

The EvelineCharles Virtual Classroom allows you to work in your environment, your schedule, and at
your pace. It is a simple, convenient, and valuable way to increase your knowledge of the beauty
industry. The courses are taught through several different mediums: reading the textbook, watching
instructional videos designed exclusively for the class, and at-home practice. You will take your
quizzes and final evaluations online,  and you will record workshops and email them to the instructors
for evaluation. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Makeup Level 1 certificate.


Who is it for?

Virtual Classroom is for anybody who wants the convenience and comfort of learning valuable skills
within their own environment. Whether you live in a remote location, have another full-time job, or
simply enjoy the independent aspect, Virtual Classroom is a perfect way to incorporate further
education into your life. Cosmetics companies, models, photographers, ad campaigns, designers, runways, life’s big moments – all require make-up artists for their creative interpretation of a vision. Our part-time Makeup Artistry certificate course is perfect for those looking to break into the fast-paced, dynamic world of professional Make-up Artistry!

How much is it?

Tuition total is $2,000 plus makeup kit shipping charge. This cost includes your lessons, textbook, certificate, and a full Basic Makeup Colour Kit from a Renowned Makeup Brand!


Why should you enroll?

Because the EvelineCharles Virtual Classroom offers unparalleled education combined with exceptional convenience!
For those who are already in the beauty or fashion industry, such as models, hair stylists, photographers, stylists, etc., it is a great way to increase your knowledge and value in the industry!
For those who have no previous knowledge of the industry, it is the optimal first step into a new, rewarding, and extremely exciting career path. Whether you want to make some extra money freelancing, or simply want to learn basic makeup techniques, the EC Virtual Classroom is a relaxed, at-home way to learn. This class will help you explore the beautiful world of makeup.


When and where do I take this course?

Whenever and wherever is convenient for you! That’s the beauty of online learning, the course environment, schedule, and pace is completely up to you! If you only have weekends off, the evenings, or even in the early hours of the morning – this course is available when you are! The EvelineCharles Virtual Classroom allows you to make your passion a reality today!


Are there any prerequisites?

For Makeup Level I, there are no course prerequisites.


What do I need?

You will need a computer with internet access and a method of digital recording (i.e. a smart phone or
webcam). Your makeup kit will arrive to your doorstep within 3 to 4
weeks of enrolling. The kit is a
full professional kit and will provide you with everything you need to for the course and beyond.


Is there support?

Yes, instructors will answer emails during the specified days and hours. Please note that if you send an
email during a none specified time, the email will not be checked until the next specified time.

IT support available:
If you have a technical difficulty please email [email protected]


How long is the course?

Course length will vary between students and depends on your pace. Upon enrolling you have 12 months
to complete the entire course. There are 12 modules and each module includes one online instructional
video, a suggested 6 hours of at home practice, a quiz, and a visual assignment (to be recorded and then
submitted via email). Students can recreate workshops on themselves or on a model. Should you require
more time, one month extensions may be purchased for an additional $100 (for a maximum of 3).
All quizzes and visual assignments MUST be completed before taking final evaluation.
The workshops in classes 14 are worth 5% of your grade per class and classes 512 are worth 10% each.


What is the suggested pace?

The suggested pace is one module per week which will allow 3 months to complete the course.


How does marking work?

Quizzes will be submitted via the Virtual Classroom website. Workshops will be recorded by students. 5
minute videos (max) highlighting the features (on one side of the face only) from that lesson’s makeup
along with a still image of the final makeup. An instructor will mark and evaluate your submission within
48 hours of receiving the email.


In the Virtual Classroom Makeup Level 1, you will learn about colour theory, colour analysis, product knowledge, physiognomy (facial shapes and features), sanitation and safety in addition to in-depth technical training.

The Course Curriculum is as follows:

  • Colour Theory
  • Sanitary Procedures
  • Lips
  • Skincare
  • Tools
  • Face I
  • Face II
  • Eyes
  • Eye Makeup Natural
  • Eye Makeup Dramatic
  • Eye Makeup Colour Theory
  • Natural Beauty Makeup
  • Glamour Beauty Makeup



Makeup Level I – there is no prerequisites

Available Courses

Makeup Level 1