Makeup Level 1 Registration

Total Investment: Tuition total is $2,000 plus makeup kit shipping charge. This cost includes your lessons, textbook, certificate, and a full Basic Makeup Colour Kit from a Renowned Makeup Brand!

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Makeup Artistry Meets Technology

The EvelineCharles Virtual Classroom allows you to work in your environment, your schedule, and at your pace. It is a simple, convenient, and valuable way to increase your knowledge of the beauty industry.

Virtual Classroom is for anybody who wants the convenience and comfort of learning valuable skills within their own environment. Whether you live in a remote location, have another full time job, or simply enjoy the independent aspect, EC Virtual Classroom is the perfect way to incorporate further education into your life. For those already in the beauty or fashion industry such as models, hair stylists, photographers, stylists, etc. it is a great way to increase your knowledge and possibly open up your own freelancing business!

Welcome to Eveline Charles Academy’s Makeup Artistry Level 1 online class!

This is a comprehensive part-time course that is designed, written and instructed by working professional makeup artists.

This course is both fast paced and informative with demonstrations by instructors, and ensures hands-on makeup applications by students.

Makeup theory
Sanitary procedures
Color theory
Face /eye shapes
Natural makeup application
Glamour makeup application
Lash application

Course Expectations:

Due to the fact that there is a large amount of material to cover in a short amount of time, in order to successfully pass the program and receive a certificate, you will need to:
PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE (you should be doing 6 hours a week of makeup outside of class)
Take detailed notes during instruction
Do your homework
Observe all classes
Use models
Be prepared
Stock your kit
Be ready for constructive feedback about your work
Be ready to work hard with a positive attitude

It is required and expected that you do work for the course outside of and in between your classes. You will wear and do more makeup than ever before during this class!
Makeup is your mantra for the duration of this program. A passing grade is 65%.

Virtual Learning Submission Requirements

Format: Pre-recorded, learn at your own pace
  • Prior to each video lesson students will read the pages associated with that lesson.
  • Students will be expected to do any assignments and homework as they appear in the textbook. (These are intended to be practice and study tools to get you in the habit of doing makeup often.)
  • Students will recreate workshops preferably on a model or on themselves.
  • All course review and visual assignments MUST be completed before moving forward in the course.
  • The workshops in classes 1-4 are worth 5% of your grade per class and classes 5-12 are worth 10% each.
  • Workshops will be recorded by students. One 5 minute video (max) for each workshop highlighting 2-3 features from that lesson’s makeup along with a still image of the final makeup. It is recommended that you complete the look in full apart from the last few features that are required to be filmed. It is also recommended that in order to keep your video within the time restraints using only one feature on only side of the face in the video.
  • In order for your submission to be accepted it must be labeled correctly. firstname.lastname.classnumber.coursenumber  Example: Jane.Doe.C1.MUL1. Your video will be sent back for relabelling and resubmission if this guideline is not followed.
  • Any video submissions longer than 5 minutes will be sent back to you for re-submission. You may need to download a free editing app compatible with your filming device to manage your video length.
  • Photo’s and videos need to be taken with a device capable of taking clear and crisp images that are well and evenly lit and that showcase the makeup in a high resolution.
  • It is recommended to use bright, natural lighting to take your photo’s and videos, so night time filming and shooting is not recommended. Direct sunlight is also not recommended. Situate yourself in front of a naturally lit window and have the lighting hit your face. If using additional lighting be sure to use daylight bulbs only.Any videos not properly lit will be sent back for resubmission.
  • Any photo submissions that are unclear or improperly lit will be sent back to you for re-submission.
  • Feedback and marks are sent to students 72 hours after submission. It is recommended that you read your feedback prior to filming your next video.
  • Transcripts of the instruction will be linked under each video lesson for your access and convenience.
  • Below is an extra makeup supply list you can utilize when shopping for and expanding your kit: