Terms & Conditions



  1. Definition of “Student”

The definition of Student is “the student who is party to this Agreement, or the student’s parent or guardian or any other person if the parent or guardian or other person is the party to the Agreement on behalf of the student (guarantor).”


  1. Guarantee for Students less than 18 years of age.

In consideration of this Agreement and its benefit to the Student, the Guarantor of this Agreement guarantees the full and timely payment of the tuition and other charges set forth in this Agreement.


  1. Scope of Agreement

Student and Guarantor, if any, acknowledges having received a copy of this Academy Contract and the Academy Student Manual. This contract embodies the entire agreement between the parties, except as expressly stated herein, and student acknowledges that there have been no representations, warranties or guarantees made to him/her which are not expressly set forth herein.



  1. Assignment

Student agrees that this contract may be assigned by the Academy and that this contract will ensure to the benefit and be binding upon the heirs, successors, assigns and executors of the parties. Student has no right to assign the student’s benefit or obligation under this contract.


  1. Refund Payments

EvelineCharles Academy has a strict no refund or exchange policy for and Virtual Classroom Programs


  1. EvelineCharles Academy Virtual Classroom Content

All videos and course content are the property of EvelineCharles Academy. Any distribution of videos and/or instructional content is strictly prohibited.  Violators will be prosecuted.



EC Academy reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum and /or equipment/kits in order to reflect industry trends, technology and feedback from employers and graduates to benefit enrolled students, and to substitute or replace educators as needed. EC Academy also reserves the right to cancel or postpone any program when enrolment is insufficient due to uncontrollable circumstances.


  1. Log In and Password

Upon complete enrolment and payment of this course, the student will be shipped the MAC Student Basic Color Kit and Makeup Level 1 Textbook. After its arrival, the student will be issued a Login ID and Password to gain access into our Virtual Classroom.  The log in information is specific to the student and must not be shared with anyone. The log in information will expire once the student completes the course and graduates from the program with a certificate.


  1. Kit and Textbook

The MAC kit and textbook will be shipped to the address provided, and delivery time can be up to 4 weeks. The MAC kit and Textbook is not for re-sale.


  1. Assignments and Final Exams

EvelineCharles Academy will provide feedback on assignments within 48 hours of an assignment being sent to the instructor.

Assessments of student work will be partially based on the quality of the images and photographs provided. Please ensure that the images provided are under ideal lighting.

Each module must be completed fully before another module is started.

Students will have 12 months to complete all the modules and assignments. Three (3) course extensions are available at a cost of $100 per extension.  The time period for each extension is one month. If the course remains incomplete after 3 extensions, and incomplete will be assigned and Log in Access to the modules and videos will be revoked.

The terms and conditions set forth in this contract are considered legal and binding.