With 40 years of experience running successful salons, our hair and beauty school was designed out of a need to better train students to be prepared for the industry after they graduate. We’ve trained stylists of various backgrounds who have become successful at our salons and spas, and from this, we knew what the industry wanted out of a new graduate. We couldn’t find another existing program that fulfilled this need, so we created it. Our goal was to raise the bar and provide the most quality and relevant education in the cosmetology and esthetician industry. This is why our beautician courses are ever evolving and improving to give our students the best to set them up as leaders in our industry. Our programs are tailored to what is needed in a future stylist and are taught by first-rate instructors who have relevant and up-to-date industry experience.

Not only does EvelineCharles Academy provide industry-leading hair and beauty programs, but we also provide benefits of the highest standard that will help you succeed in your hair and beauty career!


At EvelineCharles Academy, we believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone.

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