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With 40 years of experience running successful salons, our hair and beauty school was designed out of a need to better train students to be prepared for the industry after they graduate. We’ve trained stylists of various backgrounds who have become successful at our salons and spas, and from this, we knew what the industry wanted out of a new graduate. We couldn’t find another existing program that fulfilled this need, so we created it. Our goal was to raise the bar and provide the most quality and relevant education in the cosmetology and esthetician industry. This is why our beautician courses are ever evolving and improving to give our students the best to set them up as leaders in our industry. Our programs are tailored to what is needed in a future stylist and are taught by first-rate instructors who have relevant and up-to-date industry experience.

Not only does EvelineCharles Academy provide industry-leading hair and beauty programs, but we also provide benefits of the highest standard that will help you succeed in your hair and beauty career! Here are our EC Excellence Benefits:

The Exclusive EC Advanced Cutting and Coloring Program

Start off with an exceptional foundation that will take you beyond the apprenticeship standards you need to know to the skills that will allow you to curate a high caliber of expertise and artistry. EvelineCharles Academy is a full-service salon and spa, and our students learn first-hand how to work on models and clients, deal with a packed client schedule, and develop their artistic talent.

EvelineCharles Business Principles Program

In this industry, business skills differentiate the ability to make a living and have a successful career. With our elite Business Principles Program, you will learn everything from how to create, maintain, and grow a loyal clientele, to improving your sales skills to be successful in retail. No matter where you take your hair skills, you’ll have the business savvy to maximize your salary.

Flexible Learning Schedules

3 Days per Week Program

Earn While You Learn. Our 3-Day programs are designed to give students the flexibility of working while in school. This study schedule allows students to attend classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

5 Days per Week Program

EvelineCharles offers an accelerated 5-Day Hair Styling and Barbering program that allows students to graduate up to three months sooner. Choose between a Monday – Friday schedule or Tuesday – Saturday.
Ask us about how you can save up to $4,000 on tuition and graduate up to 500 hours earlier with our Fast Track Program that transfers high school cosmetology credits for the Hair Styling and Barbering program.

* Flexible learning schedules are only available in full-time hair and beauty programs.

EC Industry Partnerships

International Therapies Examination Council Certified (ITEC)

ITEC is a certification guaranteeing that a student has been trained to the highest of standards, and qualifies students to work on cruise ships and in 38 countries, including Canada, Europe and Australia. Students who are ITEC certified are more desirable hires, giving them a wider range of employment opportunities to choose from.

British Barbers Association

BBA is an accreditation organization that is committed to raising the professional standards of the male grooming and barbering industry.

Sharp Light

This innovative brand has revolutionized the field of non-invasive esthetic machines. From laser hair removal to skin treatment, to acne, their medical grade equipment showcases not only the newest technology but also the safest.

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