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Full Time Program Requirements

Students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

Admission Requirements

1. a ) Standard Admission: Alberta High School education verified by transcript (Grade 12), with 50% or better in grade 10 English, Math and Science (or other non-Alberta equivalent) OR Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma

b) Mature Admission: At least 19 years of age, and one year out of High School with at least 33 Alberta high school credits verified by transcript with 50% or better in English 10 (or other non-Alberta Equivalent).  The Academy may also administer and require a successful result (score of 265) of the Wonderlic Achievement test to determine high school equivalency

c) For students who attended high school outside of Canada, completion of the Wonderlic entrance exam with a successful score of 265 or higher may be substituted for a High School transcript.

2. Two professional/character reference checks from either a workplace or school (ex. supervisor, teacher, counselor)
3. Government issued photo ID
4. Proof of Citizenship (SIN #, birth certificate, or passport)
5. Official High School Transcripts/GED Transcripts (diploma not acceptable)
6. $300.00 Application Fee (non-refundable)

Dispute Resolution

When a student has a grievance that needs to be addressed, the student will be required to state the grievance in writing to the Academy Manager who will meet with the student within 5 business days of receiving the written grievance. A copy of the grievance and resolution will be given to the student and entered into the Academy’s files. If the problem cannot be resolved, the grievance will then be referred to the Academy Director.

The Academy Director will receive and resolve each complaint/issue within 10 business days of receipt. If the grievance requires more information, a letter will be written to request clarification of the issues. Once all of the required information is in place, the Academy Director will act on the allegations within 15 business days. A letter will be sent to the student stating the steps taken to correct the problem, or providing information showing that the allegations were not warranted.

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Part Time Program Requirements
• Government Issued Photo ID