Introducing The Latest in Eyebrow Embroidery

Microblading Technician Program

Peace River Academy 
JULY 3, 2018

“My overall experience of the EvelineCharles Academy is mind blowing. This is a great facility, clean with a fantastic layout as well as a fantastic vibe and spirit of a team. This is a great place for the students and teachers to hang out, do brilliant hair. It really reflects the vision of EvelineCharles and how you support students. I wish I had trained here!”.

Damien Carney

Hair Stylist, World-Renowned


“EvelineCharles Academy Demonstrates Best Practices when it comes to Waxing” – Global News Investigation, Edmonton

“The Importance of Having an Esthetics Diploma. Global News Calls for Alberta to License Estheticians”

“Nail Salon Safety: Ask your nail technician where they did their training. EvelineCharles Academy teach proper sanitation practices”